Tympanostomy tube (grommet) insertion is the most common pediatric surgery, accounting for more than 20% of all ambulatory surgeries in children. Indications for grommets include otitis media with effusion and  recurrent acute otitis media. Tubes significantly improve hearing and reduce the number of recurrent AOM with effusion while in place.


Surgical models and task trainers enjoy wide use in medical training. Time spent using trainers leads to improved confidence and higher success rates.

Tympanos-Tommy is designed for training the basic manual skills needed for grommet insertion. It is suitable for learning the use of operating microscope and to get familiar with otosurgical instruments. It is also suitable for endoscopic training. In addition to grommet insertion, the trainees learn the importance of the ergonomic working conditions and the stability of the arms.

key features

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1. Lift the lid and place a piece of vinyl glove underneath it.

2. You’re ready to go – again and again….

Tympanostomy training with a microscope.

Tympanostomy training with an endoscope.