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From otorhinolaryngologist to otorhinolaryngologists

cup of ENT

”Every trainee deserves the possibility of acquiring  surgical skills safely using simulation models and task trainers.”

Dr. Tuomas Klockars, M.D., Ph.D, Specialist in ENT

otorhinolaryngological task trainers

A task trainer for grommet insertion


a task trainer for adenoidectomy


A task trainer for ENT KNOT TYING


A task trainer for sinus surgery

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M.D., Ph.D. Tuomas Klockars has more than 20 years of clinical and research experience. He has worked as clinical teacher / assistant professor in the Helsinki University Hospital (HUH) for a decade. Previous professional appointments include HUH Cleft Palate and Craniofacial Center, several secondary hospitals and private clinics. Dr Klockars has special interest in pediatric otorhinolaryngology and he has been a member of the HUH Vascular anomaly team (2010-2018) and Current Care Guidelines for Acute Otitis Media (2016-2017). Dr Klockars has more than 50 scientific publications ranging from molecular genetics to medical detection dogs. He has been a invited speaker in numerous international meetings and has been selected as the Teacher of the Year, Helsinki University Medical School (2011). He has been the instructor for several doctoral thesis and advanced studies.