vocal cord biopsies and sutures & ent knot tying

Mastering laryngeal instruments under a microscope requires steady hands and a lot of practice.

Basic surgical skills such as knot-tying and suturing are important for all otolaryngologists, regardless of subspecialty. Knot tying is no rocket science – all prospective ENT surgeons can learn required knot tying skills by adequate training.


Surgical models and phantoms enjoy wide use in medical training. Time spent using phantoms leads to improved confidence and higher success rates.

Knot-a-Tommy is designed for training the basic manual skills needed for laryngeal procedures such as vocal cord biopsies and suturing. In addition,  Knot-a-Tommy is suitable for training nasal sutures and superficial or deep knot tying.

key features

Training vocal cord biopsy with a rubber band.

Training vocal cord biopsy with a silicone hose.

Mastering vocal cord sutures requires a lot of practice. Knot-a-Tommy and ”vocal cords” made from a medical glove enable unlimited numbers of repetitions.